Twitter reacts to Chris Evans resigning from Top Gear

The internet seems to think his best shot really wasn’t enough

Earlier today (July 4), Chris Evans announced on Twitter that he has resigned from Top Gear, admitting that his “best shot” at the show wasn’t good enough.

Overnight viewing figures revealed Top Gear had attracted a record low of 1.9 million viewers to BBC2 for the final episode last night (July 3). It was up against the France v Iceland Euro 2016 game on ITV and Antiques Roadshow on BBC1.

In his post on Twitter, Evans said, “Stepping down from Top Gear. Gave it my best shot but sometimes that’s not enough. The team are beyond brilliant, I wish them all the best.”

News of the resignation was quickly a top trend on Twitter, with many people taking to the social media platform to reiterate that they felt Evans was never going to work as a Top Gear presenter.

Whilst others said they might be tempted back now that Evans has gone.

Others simply weren’t bothered.

Whilst the small amount of support Evans received said people had been too quick to judge.

Some were just confused.

And many tried to guess what Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond’s reaction would be.

Whilst others tried to decide who Evans’ replacement should be.

One Twitter user had an interesting idea of what impact Evans’ resignation could have on the economy.

Whilst another had a simple message.

Adding to Evans’ woes, Perry McCarthy, the original Top Gear Stig, said he “expected” the resignation to come. He told BBC News, “It’s sad for Chris but personally I was expecting such an announcement, I wasn’t expecting it this quickly but I did think that Chris would step down from it.

“Chris is an enormously popular radio presenter and TV show host but he hasn’t quite gelled with this show, he’s not really gelling with the viewers.

“It must be a little bit painful for him to receive this reaction from everybody and I don’t think he’d want to continue; I probably wouldn’t want to continue if I was getting constant criticism either.”