Two major characters rumoured to be leaving ‘The Walking Dead’

The seventh season of the hit zombie show returns in the UK on Monday (February 13)

Two major characters from The Walking Dead are rumoured to be leaving the show.

The seventh season of the hit AMC show – which has divided critics and fans thus far – will resume in the US on Sunday (February 12) after its traditional mid-season break, before premiering the same episode the following day (February 13) in the UK on FOX.

Ahead of the return of The Walking Dead this weekend, showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed that the fate of the main characters is no longer guaranteed, before dropping the hint that even the cast’s “side gigs” may not be the reason that they are axed from the show.

“The struggle is tough but luckily I plan ahead quite a bit,” Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter. “There are turns in the story that help with it, some that are recognisable from the comics. We do live in a different world [from the comics] but on The Walking Dead, you should genuinely always worry for all of the characters.

“Side gigs or no side gigs that people don’t even know about, there’s always reason to worry.”

New 'The Walking Dead' episode titles and plot details have been revealed


Fans and observers of the show have connected Gimple’s comments about the “side gigs” of his castmembers with the recent news that Sonequa Martin-Green – who plays Sasha – may leave the show in order to commit to playing a lead role in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series. Chandler Riggs, meanwhile, who plays Rick’s son Carl, is also set to embark on a college education later this year.

However, Gimple moved to allay speculation that Riggs may soon depart the show.

“College is easier thanhigh school,” he said. “Chandler went to high school, it wasn’t on-set school. I’m confident college will be more flexible. He’ll be close by – within two hours – and he [currently] lives more than an hour from set.”

Meanwhile, episode titles and plot details from the remaining eight episodes of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season have been officially released.