Two Stewart Lee stand-up specials to air on BBC2

Following the success of 'Content Provider' and four series of 'Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle'

BBC Two is set to broadcast two new stand-up specials recorded by Stewart Lee, due to air later this year.

Both Snowflake and Tornado will be filmed in front of a live audience in York, as part of Bafta award-winning comedian’s current national tour across more than 60 towns and cities across the UK.

In a statement, Lee said he was pleased to be building on the success of previous TV appearances, including Content Provider and four series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle.


“As you probably know, The Times has called me ‘the world’s greatest stand-up’,” he said, “so I am happy to find my natural home once more with the world’s greatest broadcaster, where anyone can see me for free, even though the money at Netflix would have been literally one thousand times better (if they would have had me).

Tornado is a tangled shaggy dog story about backstage hospitality and flying sharks, and features a cameo from a venerable legend of British comedy; Snowflake reflects my experience of the current culture war and politicians’ and comedians’ cynical attempts to exploit it, and includes extended retching and a sickeningly sincere song.”

Ben Caudell, Commissioning Editor for BBC Comedy, added: “To have one Stewart Lee show is a massive treat, to have two is a complete comedy indulgence.

“If there was a third show I would probably be actually sick. Sick but happy. Which is how I want to die.”

Snowflake and Tornado will be available to watch on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer later in 2022.