Tyson Fury calls Netflix docuseries about his family “bullshit”

"Netflix didn't want to film the whole reality"

Tyson Fury has hit out at the new Netflix docuseries about his family, labelling it “bullshit”.

The new show At Home With The Furys sees the Netflix cameras follow the boxer and his family.

In a new chat on the Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley show, Fury shared his anger at the way the show has portrayed him and his family, he said: “Netflix didn’t want to film the whole reality.


“[It’s] proper bullshit,” he added. “I said you need to film me taking a shit, you need to film me having a shower, you need to film me in the bath and they said, ‘Nope, can’t do it’.”

In a separate conversation on Capital XTRA, Fury said that he wanted to break out of his contract with the streaming service.

“I wanted out,” he said. “I was like, couple of weeks in I said ‘Is there any way?’, I’d be on the phone with my lawyers ‘Is there any way I can get out of this?’

“I don’t know what I’ve signed up for again. I never said I’d do it again, I’ve done it again, I’ve made a mistake.”

Elsewhere on the back of the show, Chris Tarrant has denied Fury’s claims that the pair had an argument, saying he has never even met the boxer.


On At Home With The Furys, Tyson alleged that he “had a big row” with the TV presenter at Gleneagles in Scotland.

Speaking to Mail Online, Tarrant rubbished the claims, saying: “It is complete nonsense! I’ve never even met him.

“My wife and I got into a crowded lift with Tyson in it. We didn’t even speak and I got out at the next floor.”

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