Vans have launched an official ‘Simpsons’ collection

Bart Simpson backpack, anyone?

Vans have launched an official Simpsons collection that includes branded footwear, clothing and accessories.

The iconic skate brand are paying tribute to America’s favourite family with “depictions and references that diehard fans will appreciate,” a press release reads.

The ‘Simpsons x Vans’ collection will, of course, pay homage to Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, while celebrating other beloved characters such as Otto and Krusty.


Moe, Lenny and Carl, and Marge’s two sisters, Patty and Selma, will also adorn some classic Vans shoes.

Highlights of the collection include a Bart Simpson backpack, a bright yellow long-sleeve Krusty t-shirt and a pair of sneakers featuring the whole family. Simpsons fans will also be able to get their hands on jackets, baseball caps, pairs of socks and more.

Available to buy from August 7, you can find out more on the Vans website.

In June, the famously disappointing Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge game from The Simpsons was made real by one fan.

The fictional game was featured in 1995 episode ‘Marge Be Not Proud’, in which Bart Simpson shoplifts popular game Bonestorm after Marge refuses to buy it for Christmas.


At the end of the episode, they reconcile, though Marge gifts Bart Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge as an early Christmas present as he feigns happiness. The game itself features over the episode’s credits, proving unsurprisingly lame.

Meanwhile, a recent episode of The Simpsons featured an all new quarantined-themed couch gag.