Vic Reeves set to be retired after “swansong” film

Jim Moir has appeared under the moniker for decades

Jim Moir has revealed that he plans to retire his stage alter ego Vic Reeves after the planned upcoming film The Glove.

The comedian and artist has performed under the moniker for a number of decades, though has said that the big screen outing will likely act as a “swansong” for Reeves.

“Vic Reeves was a character that I invented when I was at art school actually, I put him on stage. And I haven’t done him for a while,” Moir said on David White’s BBC Radio Cornwall show.


“Bob [Mortimer] and me wrote a film, about 12 years ago, which we keep threatening to do and we’ve been asked to do, so we might do that next year. And that will be probably the final appearance of Vic Reeves.”

Vic Reeves Bob Mortimer
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Moir’s stage incarnation emerged in the mid-1980s, and went on to form a comedy partnership with Mortimer, well known for shows such as The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer and Shooting Stars.

Reeves also topped the UK charts in 1991 with The Wonder Stuff with their cover of Tommy Roe’s ‘Dizzy’.

The Glove, which has been in the pipeline for a while, is described as “a comedy road movie about two best friends in search of Michael Jackson’s mythical training glove”.

“Vic and Bob are childhood friends who own a junk shop together where they both work and live. Profits are down and with their futures in jeopardy, they approach their obnoxious landlord to explain their ‘rent’ problems,” it adds.


Vic Reeves
Vic Reeves in 2021. Credit: Getty Images.

“Rather than helping them, the unsavoury character gives them a choice: eviction, or locate for him a rare and unusual item… Michael Jackson’s training glove.

“What follows is a madcap road movie across Britain as they enter the world of strange collectables and celebrity memorabilia in search of the elusive glove.”

Last year, Mortimer said that filming was set to go ahead in 2022, though Moir’s latest interview confirms that release plans have been pushed back.

Meanwhile, Reeves confirmed last year that he had an inoperable but non-cancerous brain tumour, which had left him completely deaf in one ear.