Vic Reeves to host new Netflix series about “immense flower sculptures”

Consider it a botanical Bake Off

Comedian Vic Reeves has signed on as the host of The Big Flower Fight, a new eight-part Netflix series which sees contestants make floral sculptures.

The series pits 10 teams against each other to create huge installations, and has the goal to help “flowers finally get the respect they deserve,” according to florist Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht, who will be judging the show.

Reeves will be hosting the show alongside What We Do in the Shadows actress Natasia Demetriou. Of the filming, Reeves said, “I had the most wonderful summer watching immense floral sculptures emerge from nothing.”


Demetriou added: “Working with Vic Reeves in a beautiful English field surrounded by loads of chicken wire – it’s every person’s dream job.”

The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to design their own floral sculpture, to be displayed in London’s Royal Botanic Kew Gardens.

“This isn’t your basic bunch of blooms. This is the real deal. So buckle up and get your shovel ready for some farm fresh floral fantasy realness!” said Griffith-VanderYacht. The florist will be judging with a special co-judge each week.

Elsewhere, Demetriou recently starred in season 2 of What We Do in the Shadows, which premiered on FX last week (April 15).

Vic Reeves is best known for his double act with Bob Mortimer, Vic and Bob. In 2017, the pair revived their surreal comedy show Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out.


All eight episodes of The Big Flower Fight will be released on Netflix on May 18.