Vicky McClure has been turned down for every series of ‘Peaky Blinders’

The actor revealed she had auditioned for a role in every series of the hit show so far

Vicky McClure has been turned down for every series of Peaky Blinders, according to the actor.

The This Is England star currently plays Kate Fleming in ITV police drama The Line Of Duty, in which she has appeared since the show’s 2012 debut.

In a new interview, she revealed that, despite her success in British TV, there was one show that she had tried repeatedly to secure a part in. “I’ve auditioned for every series of Peaky Blinders and never got it,” she told Red. “Although work is regular, it doesn’t always go my way.”

She added that she had also been turned down for the Carey Mulligan-starring, Oscar-nominated film Suffragette, which was released in 2015. “When Suffragette came up, I thought it would be a game-changer for me, but it wasn’t to be,” she said.

Last year, it was reported a movie adaptation of Peaky Blinders was being written. Director Otto Bathurst said he believed writer Steve Knight was “planning something”.

Lead star Cillian Murphy said he also thought Knight was considering turning the show into a film, but he was unsure of the idea. “I’m sort of ambivalent about it,” he said. “I’m sort of like, ‘Eh, yeah, I don’t know, I’m not sure’. I love the idea sort of theoretically, but it has to come at the right time, you know? You can’t alienate the beautiful democratic thing of television where everyone just watches it.”

Meanwhile, season five of Peaky Blinders recently finished filming. While it currently has no confirmed release date, the BBC have confirmed it will be back in 2019 with a premiere date rumoured for the summer.