Viewers slam Comic Relief for Vic Reeves’ pre-watershed ‘fake penis’ sketch

Reeves appeared to flash a prosthetic penis before the 9pm watershed.

Viewers criticised the BBC’s Comic Relief broadcast on Friday night (March 24) after a sketch in which Vic Reeves appeared to flash a fake penis aired before the 9pm watershed.

As part of the charity broadcast, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer teamed up with Good Morning Britain‘s Susanna Reid for a comedy skit. While Reeves was asking Reid if she had “seen Kong”, referring to new movie Kong: Skull Island, a prosthetic penis seemed to appear between Reeves’ legs.

Reeves continued the double entendre, telling Reid: “It’s out there. It’s quite long, have you seen it? It’s very long and heavy at the end with a twist in the middle and at the beginning there’s a couple of little clackers… it’s quite hairy at the beginning. You’ll probably miss it.”

Laughing it off, Reid replied: “I don’t think I’m missing anything right now.”

Watch the sketch below, 90 seconds into the video.

On Twitter, viewers called the sketch “inappropriate”, “embarrassing” and “cringe”.

Others pointed out Comic Relief’s apparent hypocrisy in seemingly allowing Reeves to flash a fake penis before 9pm when Ed Sheeran appeared unable to mention the word “rape” in a report from Liberia.

Bob Mortimer has responded to the controversy on Twitter, writing: “Newspapers and media are telling you Vic reeves flashed a fake penis on comic relief. IT IS A LIE. 100% FABRICATION.”

Sheeran also performed his song ‘What Do I Know?’ during the broadcast, and revealed that his trip to Liberia had reduced him to tears.