‘Vinyl’ star: ‘Show’s cancellation is a knife in the guts’

Ray Romano and Olivia Wilde respond to axeing of Mick Jagger’s drama

Vinyl actor Ray Romano has said that the show’s cancellation feels like “a knife in the guts”.

The HBO drama about a fictional drug-addicted record company, which was created by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, was cancelled after falling ratings in its first 10-episode run and criticism which largely centred around its fictional portrayal of real rock stars such as David Bowie and Led Zeppelin.

Romano played record company executive Zak Yankovitch a decade after his long-running sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond ended. He told Newscom.Au: “I was so happy to have a role like that and to be able to go to those places. I’ve never had an opportunity like that before.”

Revealing that Scorsese had never heard of Everybody Loves Raymond, Romano added: “I got to work with some great people and do some really good stuff. Hopefully someone was watching.”

Olivia Wilde, who played model Devon Finestra, said: “Thanks for all the kind words about Vinyl. We had a blast and made something special. Party on.”

An HBO statement said the decision not to renew Vinyl for a second series was made “after careful consideration”. It added HBO had “enormous respect” for the show’s creative team.