The Walking Dead confirms fan theory in major plot development

Here's what went down in the latest episode - spoilers ahead.

The Walking Dead‘s latest episode has confirmed a fan theory regarding a mole in Alexandria.

Fans have recently been speculating that either one of Siddiq or newcomer Dante has been infiltrating the group, and last night’s (November 17) episode ‘Open Your Eyes’ revealed that it was actually the latter.

In the episode, Siddiq discovers that Dante has been spying for the Whisperers as he has a flashback to the night he was forced to watch Alpha and the group brutally murder his friends.


In this moment, he realises that Dante was among the Whisperers at the massacre, which provokes a scuffle between the pair and ultimately ends with Siddiq’s death.

Speaking about the consequences of Saddiq’s demise going forward, actor Avi Nash told “In season 10, his personal experience of that tragedy is driving the story forward.

“I think his death is going to have some real consequences for the other characters. I think that’s what’s most important. That we serve the story in the best way possible. Whether that means you’re in the show for one season or 10 seasons, it doesn’t really matter.”

Juan Javier Cardenas as Dante and Avi Nash as Siddiq in ‘The Walking Dead’

He further explained to Entertainment Weekly: “His message of mercy helped resolve season 8, his commitment to family and the Grimes legacy brought the communities back together in season 9, and now, his untimely death — in Alexandria at the hands of a spy — might just be the lynchpin that sets off our heroes in season 10.

“To have that kind of impact within the narrative of a show this large and historied has been really rewarding.