The first reviews are in for the season 8 premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ – here’s the verdict

The critical reviews are in for the first episode of the long-awaited season eight of ‘The Walking Dead’, and the reception is positive.

The first episode of the eighth season in coincidentally the 100th episode of the show and ‘Mercy’ is being described as a ‘return to form’. describes Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes as having an “impressive and fun-to-watch swagger” with extra praise to the innovative “storytelling devices unlike any used on the series to date”.

Elsewhere, one critic for Insider teases, “If you’ve been waiting for Rick to get it together and come down hard on the Saviours, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be cheering alongside him.”

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Another critic commented on the “focus on the camaraderie” that has been absent in recent series’ of the show. The review continues: “the stakes have never felt higher, and for a seven-year-old series, that’s truly a rarity.”

Forbes, however, weren’t so generous saying that the showrunners have “failed to make significant improvements to the increasingly sloppy writing and plotting, and continue to treat the show’s viewers as though we’re stupid”.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ season eight below.

The eighth season of the acclaimed AMC show will kick off in the US on October 22, while the season premiere will air a day later in the UK on FOX.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead may be allowed to broadcast the word ‘fuck’ in its eighth season following an apparent relaxing of the rules on swearing by AMC.