New Walking Dead themed ride at Thorpe Park uses screams to charge your phone

Thorpe Park is unveiling its new Walking Dead themed attraction on Saturday (March 31) – which turns screams into energy to allow riders to charge their phone during the terrifying roller-coaster.

The ride, has been developed in collaboration with researchers from Queen Mary University London to create the parks first ‘scream-o-metre’.

So, how will it harvest screams? Train carriages on the attraction have been fitted with specialised kinetic energy technology equipment that collects vibrations and loud screams – Thorpe Park promises lots of run-ins with Walkers – Walking Dead zombies – making survival your main aim.

Dr Joe Briscoe, School of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London said, “Using vibrations and movement from The Walking Dead: The Ride has allowed us to harness stray energy that is all around us. This is an exciting concept that will undoubtedly be used more frequently in the future.”

“The system uses a mini energy harvester to capture the kinetic energy, transferring it to a separate electrical and storage unit, which is enough to charge a mobile phone.”

You can watch the advert for the ride below:

Meanwhile, season 8 of the hit show has been criticised with fans hitting out at current showrunner Scott Gimple following the shock death of Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).

While discussing Carl’s unexpected death, Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s all having to do with the greater story of the season.”

“It will be very apparent, the relationship of this awful incident – this very intense story turn – to the greater story.”

The Walking Dead: The Ride opens March 31st at Thorpe Park – The show continues 9pm Monday on Fox.

Words: Natasha Jagger