Has ‘The Walking Dead’ revealed the father of Rosita’s unborn child?

Issue 170 hints at a revelation

The latest issue of the Walking Dead comic may have revealed the father of Rosita’s unborn child. Warning: potential spoilers ahead.

Issue 170, titled ‘On The Road, was released this week (August 2). Preview it here.

Prior to Rosita’s death in issue 144, she had revealed to Eugene that he wasn’t the father of the child she was carrying.

Despite both the character and her unborn offspring dying, there has been much fan speculation over who could have fathered Rosita’s child.

As Comic Book reports, the new issue appears to suggest that Siddiq – who was introduced in issue 127 – could be the dad, mentioning that he had “loved” Rosita.

Both Rosita and Eugene are still alive in the TV show and the character of Siddiq has not yet been introduced so it’s not known whether the future plot will deviate from the comics.

Meanwhile, fans have been reacting to The Walking Dead being referenced on Game Of Thrones.

The latest GoT episode featured a moment where Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) are in conversation and, in response to Snow saying that “the dead are coming”, Tyrion remarks: “Why don’t you figure out what to do about my missing fleet and murdered allies, and I’ll figure out what to do about your walking dead men.”