‘The Walking Dead’ star Ryan Hurst was hospitalised during filming

He suffered heat exhaustion on a summers day in Georgia

Ryan Hurst, star of The Walking Dead, has revealed how he ended up being hospitalised while filming for the show.

The show is currently in its tenth season, with episode 2 airing last night (October 13).

Speaking to EW, Hurst revealed how he got heat exhaustion while filming an episode of the show, saying: “Oh my God. I landed in the hospital once this year from heat exhaustion. “I’m in a leather trench coat and two layers under that in Georgia in the summer. It’s no joke, man.”


Hurst had previously discussed his character Beta’s iconic mask, which he never removes throughout the show, with EW, saying: “I wish I could say that I hate it, but I love it! [Special effects expert Rico] Nicotero is a master teacher when it comes to zombie stuff, and it’s so comfortable. Even though you’re in Atlanta in 110-degree weather, I love wearing that mask. I really, really do.

The Walking Dead
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10, Episode 1

“Every single job that I seem to do for long periods of time, I’m in 10 layers of leather in 110-degree heat,” he added. “I don’t know why the universe has sort of put that in my path, but I’ve sort of accepted it at this point. It’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re gonna be on a bunch of hit shows, but you’re gonna be sweating your ass off.’”

In a recap of the latest episode of The Walking Dead, NME‘s Sam Moore wrote: “After last week’s reunion with our heroes, the spotlight now falls on The Walking Dead’s current crop of baddies. Flitting between the present-day and a seven-year flashback to Alpha and Beta’s first meeting, we’re provided with a longer glimpse inside the Whisperers’ cult.

“As you can expect, it’s populated with more disturbing masks than a Slipknot fan convention, but we do get to meet some new faces and see two unfortunate souls get torn to shreds by walkers. Delightful!


The Walking Dead was recently renewed for an 11th season, despite the season 10 premiere marking the show’s all-time low ratings.