‘The Walking Dead’ star Tom Payne says a romance between Aaron and Jesus would be “lazy”

His character came out as gay on screen last year

The Walking Dead star Tom Payne has dismissed the idea of his character’s gay romance making its way onto the TV adaptation.

In the original Walking Dead comic books created by Robert Kirkman, Jesus is written as gay. The show addressed the character’s sexuality last year during its seventh season – with Jesus coming out during a conversation with Maggie.

Payne had previously said that it would be “amazing” if the character turned out to be gay.

Now, fans are wondering whether a relationship between Aaron and Jesus – which features in the comic books – could appear on screen. This comes after the death of Aaron’s boyfriend Eric.

The Walking Dead’s walkers

Payne, however, isn’t so keen on the idea – claiming that it would be ‘lazy’ as there aren’t many romantic relationships in the series.

I think it would be interesting because first of all his boyfriend just died,” he told Metro, “so we both find it quite funny when people approach us about that. It’s literally just happened, his boyfriend just died.”

“I also think it might be quite lazy if that happened,” he continued. “It would be fun actually if we did kind of riff on it and had a funny conversation about it, like ‘you know how everyone wants us too…’ and just put it in the show. I think that would be quite funny.”

He added: “Not everyone on the show has a romantic relationship. Why should that be a romantic relationship? There aren’t that many. Michonne and Rick and that’s about it right now. So why should that happen just because?”

In other news, creator Robert Kirkman has responded to rumours that Rick Grimes could be the next main character killed off in the show.