The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman reveals whether Rick Grimes will ever die

Will he die?

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has discussed speculation about the future of protagonist Rick Grimes, admitting that he’ll definitely die during a future season of the show.

The bold admission when Kirkman was asked about Grimes’ future at a fan panel aboard the 2018 Walker Stalker Cruise.

“Yeah of course”, Kirkman decisively offered when quizzed if Grimes will ever die.


But he was less decisive when it came to the question of who will take over from the leading man.

“Well, that’s a question, right? Who knows?” he said. “Maybe it’s a character that hasn’t been introduced yet. Maybe it’ll be Judith, who knows.”

The prospect of Rick meeting his maker became a lot more real after the death of his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) in the last season of The Walking Dead.

Speaking afterwards, Riggs seemingly hinted at Grimes’ death after explaining how actor Andrew Lincoln devoted huge amounts of time to playing the character.

“I know that he has a family that he leaves every year to come to Georgia for months and months to film The Walking Dead, leaving his kids back home in England,” Riggs said.


“I know he’s probably getting pretty tired.”

Despite Carl’s apparent death, Kirkman also recently admitted that all might not be as it seems.

He’s not dead yet,” he said.

“He might not die. You never know.”