‘WandaVision’ first reactions: “Delightfully trippy and intriguing”

"The MCU's boldest, most original & innovative venture thus far"

The first reactions to Marvel‘s first Disney+ series WandaVision are in, with critics praising the show as “weird, fun and simply amazing.”

The twist on a family sitcom – centred on the home life of Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) and her android partner, Vision – will kick off the exclusive MCU-Disney slate ahead of other titles set for next year, including Falcon And The Winter Soldier and Loki.

WandaVision is set to premiere on Disney+ on January 15, and early assessments from critics suggests it may have been worth the wait.


Fandom Managing Editor Eric Goldman called the show “delightfully trippy and intriguing,” adding that he couldn’t wait to see the season in full.

Tania Lamb called WandaVision “fun, clever, and Marvel-ous” and said that “the quirky 30-minute sitcom style leaves you wanting another episode each time.”

Collider‘s Steven Weintraub praised the show’s “amazing leadership and willingness to take risks”.


Erik Davies said WandaVision was “light, funny & fully committed to its retro sitcom inspirations,” but also “carefully sprinkles in enough mystery & intrigue to keep you guessing.”

Dorian Parks called the show “weird as hell (in a good way)” and speculated how the show – which is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame – might pave the way for forthcoming Doctor Strange and Spiderman sequels.

Griffin Schiller went a step further, saying WandaVision represented “EASILY the MCU’s boldest, most original & innovative venture thus far.”

See more reactions to WandaVision‘s first three episodes below.

WandaVision‘s first two episodes will be available to stream on Disney+ from January 15, with subsequent episodes arriving weekly.