‘WandaVision’: Kathryn Hahn gave Elizabeth Olsen magic witch stones after shoot wrapped

Olsen said her co-star was "so delicious to work with"

WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen has said Kathryn Hahn gave her magic witch stones after filming wrapped.

The actress, who played Wanda opposite Hahn’s Agatha Harkness in the Marvel/Disney+ show, recalled her co-star’s excitement about a story being led by two female witches.

“Kathryn Hahn, was so delicious to work with!” Olsen told Glamour. “She really was like, ‘We are witches. How amazing is that? Like, we are these powerful women who men are terrified by, and they had to murder us because they were so scared of our power and our temptation and everything that is so mysterious about being a woman.


“Women were weaponized, so to have this ownership of witches, again, is really fun!’”

Elizabeth Olsen in ‘WandaVision’ (Credit: Marvel/Disney+)

The publication went on to say that at the show’s wrap, Hahn gave Olsen a “witchy gift” box, which was filled with crystals and “magical stones”.

Olsen called the gift “this beautiful, weird little box of treasures”.

Reviewing the season finale of WandaVision, NME wrote: “The real heartbreak is saved for the final moments of the series as Wanda finally says goodbye to Vision, to her kids, and to the dream of a life she never got to live.


“For a franchise that once killed off half the population of the human race, it’s a testament to creator Jac Schaeffer’s writing (and to Olsen and Bettany’s remarkable performances) that WandaVision lands the most emotionally affecting scenes in the MCU.”

All nine episodes of WandaVision are available now on Disney+

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