‘Warrior Nun’ season two has the highest Netflix audience rating ever

Fans are calling for a third season

Warrior Nun has scored the highest audience ratings for a Netflix show ever, according to reports.

Created by Simon Barry, Warrior Nun is a fantasy drama series which follows quadriplegic orphan Ava Silva (Alba Baptista), who is forced into joining an ancient order of warrior nuns after discovering she has supernatural powers.

The show’s second season, which released on November 10, has a 100 per cent rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, albeit from only eight reviews. The audience score however stands at 99 per cent based on over 4,900 reviews at the time of writing.


As reported by Forbes, this marks the highest audience score for a Netflix series, followed by Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Lennox Hill and Julie And The Phantoms all at 98 per cent.

On social media, fans have called for Netflix to renew the show for a third season. “I will do anything to get warrior nun season 3 even if that means I’ll have to become a nun myself,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.


While it’s unclear if the viewing figures for Warrior Nun’s second season were high, Netflix has a history of axing shows if they’re not immediately successful. This year has seen the streaming service cancel shows like First Kill, Resident Evil and Pretty Smart all after one season.

A review of Warrior Nun on Paste Magazine reads: “For those new to the series, season two’s release is the perfect opportunity to jump in, especially without the two year wait between seasons. Delivering striking action with a tasteful amount of sacrilege, Warrior Nun’s return is a quick binge absolutely worth your devotion.”

Both seasons of Warrior Nun are available to stream on Netflix.