Watch Andy Samberg impersonate Eddie Vedder to recognise the celebrities who didn’t die in 2016

The comic actor joined forces with Fred Armisen for the sketch at the Spirit Awards last night (February 25)

Andy Samberg turned up at the Spirit Awards in Santa Monica last night (February 25) to do an impersonation of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.

The comic actor walked on stage at the awards ceremony in a long wig, cutoff trousers and with a plaid shirt tied around his waist. Once in front of the crowd, he launched into a parody of the grunge band’s iconic hit ‘Alive’.

The sketch saw Samberg recognise famous figures in the room and out of it who hadn’t died in 2016. A photo of Hailee Steinfield was shown on the big screens at one point with the words “very much alive” underneath her.


“Apologies to Pearl Jam,” said Samberg at one point during the song. The sketch finished with the actor turning his attention to fellow comedian Fred Armisen, who pretended to die in his chair.

“Oh no… just now?” responded Samberg. “Damn it, and he was a pretty close friend of mine. We did a lot of projects together.

“Sorry guys, I just gotta do one thing really quick, ok?” he added, before taking his phone out of his pocket and beginning to type. “Wrecked beyond words. Make ’em laugh up in heaven Freddie. RIP… and tweeted. OK mourning completed.”

Watch the sketch below, via The Hollywood Reporter


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