Watch as House Of Cards star raps in German to promote new show by The Walking Dead creator

Reg E Cathey was also in The Wire before new horror series Outcast.

House Of Cards actor Reg E Cathey has been filmed rapping in German to promote his new series, Outcast.

Cathey, who plays former diner owner Freddy Hayes in House Of Cards, grew up in Germany, where he was in a rap band at school. The clip shows Cathey performing one of his band’s songs, inspired by the fairytale Hansel And Gretel.

Outcast co-stars Philip Glenister and Patrick Fugit flank Cathey in the interview. Their show starts on Fox UK on June 7 at 10pm. It’s based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, whose comics are also the inspiration for The Walking Dead.

Fugit plays a man who wants to find out why he keeps having supernatural visions, with Glenister as a preacher and Cathey as the chief of police.

Before House Of Cards, Cathey was best known for playing politician Norman Wilson in the final two seasons of The Wire. He has also appeared in The Mask, Se7en and Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as playing Dr Franklin Storm – the father of The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch – in Fantastic Four.

Although Cathey has no formal musical experience, his The Wire co-star Clarke Peters, who played detective Lester Freamon, was a singer before he became an actor and sang backing vocals on Heatwave’s disco hit ‘Boogie Nights’.