Watch the blood, vomit and tears-filled teaser for ‘The Boys’ season 3

"I promise you have never seen anything like it in the history of cinema"

A new teaser trailer for The Boys season three has been released after premiering at Austin, Texas festival SXSW.

The third season of the ultra-violent Amazon Prime Video comedy will arrive on June 3, with three episodes premiering on that date and then one episode a week airing until July 8.

The new teaser is full of the show’s typical chaos, including blood, vomit and tears. It is set to Imagine Dragons’ new song ‘Bones’ and features clips of some of the characters performing a choreographed dance routine.


The footage also gives fans a new look at Jensen Ackles’ role in the series, who has joined the show as the character Soldier Boy. Watch it below now.

Showrunner Eric Kripke and cast members Karl Urban, Laz Alonso, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, Karen Fukuhara and Ackles took part in a panel at SXSW earlier today (March 12), in which they shared their thoughts on the new season. “I promise you have never seen anything like it in the history of cinema,” Urban shared, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “We went bigger this season. It’s a fun intense roller coaster ride.”

Kripke added that one particular scene in the new season’s opening 10 minutes is “not just the craziest thing we’ve done, I think it’s the craziest thing anybody has ever done”. The showrunner also explained that the new episodes were about the COVID-19 pandemic “in a subtle way” and the reaction of the Trump administration.

“It’s like how Homelander [Antony Starr] is always more concerned with how something looks rather than solving the problem,” he said. “It’s about how certain leaders need to front as macho. We’re watching the world edge towards World War III right now because there’s a guy with a tiny dick trying to do a thing.”


Meanwhile, a spin-off series from The Boys was announced last year. Diabolicals is set to air in 2022 and will reportedly involve the likes of Awkwafina, Ilana Glazer, Evan Goldberg, Andy Samberg, Seth Rogen and more.