Watch Corey Feldman return to perform on the ‘Today Show’

Child actor's previous live appearance went viral

Former child star Corey Feldman has returned to perform another song on the Today Show, after his previous performance went viral.

Feldman – famous for his roles in ’80s films The Goonies, Stand by Me and The Lost Boyspreviously played his song ‘Go 4 It’ with his band Corey’s Angels, a performance that some deemed bizarre.

The singer performed ‘Take A Stand’ today (October 13) in a clip you can watch below. Prior to the performance, Feldman said: “This song is for America! We’re at a time right now when the world needs to focus really on peace and love and tolerance, especially with all the bullying. So this is about the government, the race, the United States.”


Feldman also talked about his previous viral performance and spoke about his outpouring of support from Pink, Kesha, Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris

He went on to address the reactions to his performance in an open letter. It said: “I, artist! As an artist, I bare my heart and soul for my love of creating art. Art is, after all, a form of personal self-expression. Through my art, I express my tears, my joy, my pain, my sorrows. I spread love with my messages of hope for tomorrow.”

Feldman also discussed his desire to take risks and the difficulties of doing everything right in his mind, but still reading “comments that would tear a hole through any commoners’ hearts.”

He added, “As an artist, I simply do all that I can to bring a bit of joy and entertainment for my fellow man. I’m no better than you; I’m no less of a man. But I’m a flawed, fearless artist, presenting a band. My hope is you will see me, hear and feel me, and one day understand, that underneath the art, I’m simply a man.”

In a previously now-deleted Facebook Live video, Feldman broke down in tears while addressing the backlash to the performance.

“We just wanted to tell everybody that, like, it’s been really painful,” Feldman reportedly said. “We put ourselves out there and we did the best that we could. And, like, I’ve never had such mean things said about me. Like constantly.”


“All we can say is that we tried really hard. Because we love our fans and we just wanted to give them the best show that we could. But we don’t deserve… these things that are said about us are awful.”

Feldman went on to add: “It was a song, okay? It wasn’t that weird. I’m sorry if it’s not good enough for you, but you don’t have to beat us up. I just want to say that, like, why is it okay to, like, publicly shame us?… I don’t understand… It’s, like, not PC to, like, say somebody is fat or somebody is white or somebody is black or somebody is yellow or green or if they have a short leg or if they have a missing finger. Like we can’t talk about these things. But it’s okay to bash Corey Feldman and the Angels.”

“We can’t get out of bed right now,” he revealed. “We’re petrified to even go out… And I’m sorry, but we just wanted the world to know, like, we’re really freaked out over this and it’s really not fair.”

“Public shaming should not be accepted, no matter who you are. It doesn’t matter if they’re a celebrity or not. We deserve love and we deserve, like, normal life… It’s not okay, it’s not acceptable to call us freaks, weirdos, losers, whatever.”