Watch the dramatic new trailer for season 2 of ‘Riverdale’

There's some serious drama going down in Riverdale...

The new trailer for Season 2 of Riverdale has dropped, and it’s wasting no time in hinting that huge events are about to take place.

In the 30-second teaser, which dropped last night, a shadowy figure reveals that they have “some tragic news to share”.

It’s not clear what the ominous announcement refers to, but it might just be the uncertain fate of Archie’s dad, who was shot in the finale of season one.


Archie himself also appears in the clip, and is seen wielding a gun before cryptically asking “what if he comes back?”. Again, it’s not looking too rosy for his dad.

The clip also teases at the future of Veronica and Archie together, with a brief glimpse of a shower scene featuring the two characters.

Meanwhile, it was recently suggested that Sabrina, The Teenage Witch could appear in future episodes of Riverdale, with the two previously crossing over in their Archie Comics source material.

Discussing the possibility, the creator of Riverdale Roberto Aguirre-Sacase , said: “As I say, never say never, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility.”

In the final episode of Riverdale Season 1, eagle eyed fans also spotted that when FP Jones was in jail in the season finale – he was clutching a copy of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery #1, a comic that Sabrina narrates.


Riverdale Season 2 is set to air in October.