Watch Fall Out Boy appear on superhero show ‘Teen Titans’

"If you play this magic song, you guys could turn into a giant robot."

Fall Out Boy have appeared on Cartoon Network’s ‘Teen Titans’ – with the American band being transformed into animated versions of themselves.

In the brief cameo, the Illinois group are seen rehearsing in a studio before the Teen Titans – characters Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven – make an unexpected entrance by smashing down a wall.

The Teen Titans then attempt to enlist the band’s help in playing a “magic song”, a prospect that Pete Wentz is only too excited to go along with.


“If you play this magic song, you guys could turn into a giant robot or something”, Robin tells them.

But despite Pete’s protestations, the band eventually opt not to play the fabled magic song.

“I’m sorry Titans, but it doesn’t work like that. We can only make our own magic, the way that every band does”, singer Patrick Stump affirms.

Last month, Fall Out Boy released new single Champion, which precedes the release of seventh album M A N I A on September 15.

Speaking to NME recently, they also talked up the chances of headlining Glastonbury one day, after previously topping the bill at Reading & Leeds festival.


Bassist Pete Wentz said: “Dude, I mean, it would be so cool, I mean, it’s so legendary. I mean, if they ever ask us I’m sure we would.”