Watch the first trailer for Chris Lilley’s new show ‘Lunatics’

He's back...

The first trailer has been unveiled for Chris Lilley’s new show Lunatics – which sees the Australian comedian debuting a raft of typically outlandish new characters.

The show was originally announced in March 2018, and marks his first show in five years, after Jonah from Tonga debuted to mixed reviews.

In the first look at the Netflix series, we meet a series of eccentric characters who are bound together by their eccentric talents.


After being introduced to Jana, a “lesbian pet psychic to the stars”, we see Keith Dick, a fashion retailer with a ‘sexuality disorder’ which sees him struggling to deal with his desires towards a cash register in his shop.

We’re also introduced to Becky, a 7ft 3ins YouTuber whose height lands her in a series of awkward situations.

Quentin, meanwhile,is a 29-year-old real estate agent with a ‘massive ass’ who is set to inherit his family business but harbours an ambition of becoming a world-renowned DJ.

The show began shooting in Queensland last year , where it reportedly provided a cash injection of $6 million to the local economy.


Despite his popularity, Lilley has faced criticism for the perceived use of ‘blackface’ in Summer Heights High follow-up Angry Boys, which saw Lilley taking up the role of a black rapper.

In 2017, he also apologised after a video of the show was posted on Instagram – which showed him in blackface while uttering a racial slur.