‘Derry Girls’ season three trailer shows the growing pains of young adulthood

The final season is "coming soon"

The first trailer for the third and final season of Derry Girls has been released.

In it, friends Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson), Orla (Louisa Harland), Clare (Nicola Coughlan), Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell) and James (Dylan Llewellyn) are seen pushing the boundaries of their teenage years further as they sit on the cusp of adulthood.

At one point in the clip, “The Wee English Fella” James laments about potentially dying a virgin, to which his cousin Michelle answers: “That was always on the cards, to be fair”.


No release date has been announced yet for the Channel 4/All 4 series, however its promised to be “coming soon”. The second season concluded in April 2019.

A press release stated: “While series one observed the gang navigating their teens in 1990’s Derry against a backdrop of The Troubles, series two charted them navigating their parents, parties, love interests and school against the backdrop of a precarious peace process.

“In series three, which is coming soon to Channel 4 and All 4, viewers will see that while Northern Ireland is growing up this gang of eejits certainly aren’t anytime soon – while there’s hope in the air that The Troubles may finally be over their troubles are only just getting started as they get ever closer to ‘adulthood’.”

Derry Girls
‘Derry Girls’. CREDIT: TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy

Derry Girls star Jamie-Lee O’Donnell has promised that there will be “loads of absolute madness” in the forthcoming season.

Although O’Donnell can’t reveal much about her final outing as her character Michelle, she does promise a new level of maturity from Michelle and her drama peers.


“I think that it’s nice to note that we are growing up slightly, it’s a nice thing to end on,” she told NME. “Of course, there’s still loads of absolute madness.”

Additionally, she says that the finale will maintain the show’s sense of realism.

“You have to remember that these are working-class girls,” she said. “They don’t have money for adventures. The way that Lisa [McGee, the show’s creator and writer] keeps them true to their backgrounds is genius.”

Derry Girls season three is coming soon. Season one and two are available to stream free on All 4 now.