Watch Homer Simpson conduct Conan O’Brien’s exit interview in late night finale

The finale marks the end of a 28-year relationship with the network

In the final episode of his TBS talk show, Conan O’Brien sat down with Homer Simpson for a HR-style exit interview.

O’Brien, who was a writer on The Simpsons from 1991-1993, appeared in a cartoon sketch with the beloved character who was playing a representative from TBS.

When O’Brien confirmed his talk show host status in the interview, Simpson replied: “Wow a dying breed, there’s only like 800 of you left.”


O’Brien wrote full episodes of The Simpsons ahead of joining The Late Show in 1993. Among them was the large scale episode Marge vs. the Monorail, which was addressed in the interview.

Conan O'Brien
Conan O’Brien. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner

“Over the years I’ve had hundreds of jobs,” Simpson began. “At one point I was even a monorail conductor, what a stupid idea that was.”

“Seems like kind of a nifty idea to me,” O’Brien argued. “No, it’s a terrible idea,” Simpson replied.

Watch the interview in full below.


The Conan finale hailed the end of a 28-year relationship between O’Brien and TBS. Within that time the host has fronted three separate shows for the network. He had worked on Conan for more than a decade.

Other guests on the episodes included Will Ferrell via Zoom and Jack Black, who had sprained his ankle while rehearsing a musical number for the show.

The comedy number was supposed to feature a staged injury that Black would obtain during the performance. However, the joke would become a reality in the run up to the show.

“Today I went and just to be safe I got an MRI and they were like, ‘it’s a real sprain, you got some damage there. You’re gonna have to take it easy,” Black said on the show.

Meanwhile, the former talk show host recently smoked Seth Rogen’s joint live on air.