Watch James Corden and Smokey Robinson battle it out with epic soul riff-off


James Corden and Smokey Robinson have slugged it out on The Late Late Show after the TV host dared to suggest that modern soul is far better than its classic origins.

After speaking about how he’d watched new documentary Hitsville: The Making of Motown, Corden said that he prefers the hits of 2019 to the classics that originated from Detroit in the 1960s.

“I’m talking like Usher, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill,” Corden said.

“I feel like new songs have better sound.”

Enter one Smokey Robinson, who immediately rejected Corden’s audacious suggestion.

“I heard you been telling people that modern soul music is better than classic soul music,” Robinson said. “Well, you know, classic soul music is my thing, man. “How about we settle this right here, right now?”

Backed by a full orchestra,  Robinson and Corden then took turns to prove their points, with Robinson performing his own track  ‘Cruisin’ and The Temptations’ iconic ‘Get Ready.’

Corden then responded with Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’ and Lizzo’s ‘Juice.’ The duo then finally joined forces with a rendition of ‘My Girl.’

This comes after Corden returned to the UK to film Gavin & Stacey’s forthcoming Christmas special. The iconic sitcom will return for the seasonal episode in December 2019, some nine years after it drew to a close.