Watch James Corden’s soap opera based on Beyoncé lyrics

'Late Late Show' sketch stars Meg Ryan and Adam Scott

James Corden has starred in a mock soap opera based on Beyonce lyrics.

The comedy sketch aired on Corden’s Late Late Show in the US and also stars Meg Ryan and Parks and Rec actor Adam Scott. The clip sees the character recite dialogue filled with references to the pop singer. Watch below.

Corden had previously produced a similar clip based on Justin Bieber lyrics.


Meanwhile, Jack White has discussed working with Beyoncé for the first time, hailing their collaboration on her ‘Lemonade’ album as “bodacious, vicious and incredible”.

White features on ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ on ‘Lemonade’, marking the first time the pair have worked together. Both are founders of Tidal, but White denied that the streaming service had anything to do with their collaboration.

Speaking on NPR’s show All Things Considered, White said: “I just talked to Beyonce and she said ‘I want to be in a band with you.’ I said ‘Really? Well, I’d love to do something.”

White added that he’d been a longtime admirer of Beyonce’s voice, comparing it to “The days of Betty Davis or Aretha Franklin.”

Explaining how ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ developed, White said: “She took the sketch of a lyrical outline and turned it into the most bodacious, vicious, incredible song. I don’t even know what you’d classify it as: soul, rock & roll, whatever. ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ is incredibly intense. I’m so amazed at what she did with it.”