Watch James Corden’s powerful video protesting Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

'Late Late Show' host becomes the latest A-lister to speak out against the controversial immigration ban.

James Corden has voiced his opposition to Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban in a quietly powerful video.

The video made and shared by The Late Late Show shows the British actor-comedian making his way to LAX Airport and enjoying a completely smooth passage through the check-in and boarding process.

A message at the end of the video reads: “Today, James flew out of Los Angeles. So all our shows this week have been pre-taped. Freedom of movement should be this easy for all legal immigrants. Not just the white and Christian ones.”

Watch below.

On Friday (January 27), the President signed an order putting a four-month hold on allowing anyone from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia and Libya to enter the US. Even those holding valid green cards and visas issued by the US, or people who have dual citizenship with another country not on the list, won’t be allowed entry to the country under Trump’s new rule.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has branded Trump’s decisions since assuming office an all-out assault on civil liberties, while Queens of the Stone Age have called the President “a barf inducing, fascist, clown penis”. Bruce Springsteen spoke out against the ban on-stage at a recent gig.

The likes of Lily Allen, The 1975’s Matt Healy and Rihanna have all voiced their opposition too. Meanwhile, it has emerged that while protests against Trump’s immigration ban were taking place at airports across America, the President was actually enjoying a screening of Finding Dory at The White House.

Ellen DeGeneres, who provides the voice of the film’s title character, has since hit back at the ban by explaining the significance of the plot of Finding Dory to the President.