Watch Jon Stewart impersonate Donald Trump on Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

Former 'Daily Show' host appeared during the opening monologue of Thursday's show

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart has poked fun at Donald Trump in a recent appearance on US TV’s Late Show.

Stewart recently made his return to US late-night TV and the Daily Show this week to raise awareness of 9/11 first responders. The host stepped down as presenter in August after fronting the satirical news show since 1998.

On Thursday (December 10), Stewart appeared on The Late Show, fronted by his former colleague Stephen Colbert, to speak of the same cause.

“No one is going to listen to you unless you… I don’t know how to put this – ‘Trump’ it up a little bit. The media won’t pay attention to anything at all unless you’re Donald Trump,” Colbert told Stewart, referring to the billionaire-turned-politician, who is campaigning to run as Republican candidate for President in 2016.

“If I’m elected – and I will be elected – I will build a wall around politics and I will make politics pay for it,” Stewart said later while wearing a Donald Trump wig. Watch below:

Meanwhile, the controversial Trump recently thanked Katie Hopkins – whom he referred to as a New York Times]”respected columnist”[/url] – for backing his highly criticised suggestions for cracking down on terrorism, which include barring Muslims from entering the US.

“The politicians of the UK should watch Katie Hopkins,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Many people in the UK agree with me!”