Watch Matt Damon tease Jimmy Kimmel about the paternity of his unborn child

Damon claims in the sketch that he is the baby's real father.

Matt Damon has continued his infamous “feud” with Jimmy Kimmel in a new sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Damon and Kimmel teamed up for a segment on last night’s show called “Who’s The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon?”.

Kimmel is currently expecting his second child with screenwriter wife Molly McNearney, but Damon insisted during the sketch that he is the baby’s real father.

“You didn’t tell him? I’m the father,” Damon says to McNearney during the sketch.

“You promised me you were going to stop fucking my girlfriend!” Kimmel replies. “She’s my wife, that’s worse! That’s actually worse!”

Damon then insists that the baby should decide who his or her father is. “Hello baby!” Damon says, addressing McNearney’s baby bump. “We don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl, but you have a choice of daddies. One daddy could be an Emmy loser… other daddy could be an Oscar winner! Do you wanna play with daddy’s Oscar?”

Below, watch the full sketch, which is performed in the style of US daytime show Maury.

Damon and Kimmel also revived their “feud” at last year’s Emmy Awards, when Damon taunted Kimmel after John Oliver beat him to a talk show award, then insinuated that he had slept with the host’s mother.