Watch Jonah Hill and Emma Stone share a ‘cosmic connection’ in new ‘Maniac’ teaser

As Stone's character says: "This is some multi-reality brain magic shit"

Netflix has released a new teaser for Maniac, the upcoming dark comedy series starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

Adapted from the Norwegian series of the same name, the new version of Maniac is directed by True Detective‘s Cary Fukunaga and reunites good friends Stone and Hill, who last worked together on Superbad.

You can watch the new teaser below:

The 10-episode series will focus largely on the fantasy worlds that Hill and Stone inhabit as they undergo a three-day drug trial. The teaser shows glimpses of the extraordinary costumes and periods that they jump between, including Stone as Legolas from Lord Of The Rings.

Maniac also stars Justin Theroux and Sally Field.

Director Fukunaga revealed that Stone’s character Annie Landsberg was written especially for her, as he was so keen to have her involved.

Both characters struggle with their mental health and are willing to experiment with a drug that can  “eradicate all unnecessary and inefficient forms of pain forever”.

Novelist Patrick Somerville told the Guardian that they took care to ensure mental health was never the punchline of the joke.

“Compassion for mental illness, and representation of mental illness, was one of the first things we talked about,” he said. “Doing it in a way that honoured the subtler tragedies and difficulties of grinding through the ‘normal’ world, and the idea of a disputed diagnosis, and how murky and blurry that can be for people.

“I was interested in trying to tell a story about how people’s paths through life get changed if they’re labelled as someone without a working mind.”

Maniac premieres on Netflix on September 21.