Watch the unsettling new trailer for ‘ArkAngel’, the second episode of Black Mirror Season 4

"The key to good parenting is control"

The first trailer for an episode of season four of Netflix’s dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror has just been released and it’s as uncomfortable as the show has ever been.

Netflix acquired the franchise from Channel 4 for its third season, which debuted on the streaming service in October 2016. Season four is expected to be released around the same time this year, though an official release date has yet to be announced.

The trailer is a short, one-minute look at the episode called ‘ArkAngel’ which we received out of context stills for back in September. We also known that the episode stars Rosemarie Dewitt (La La Land) and is directed by Jodie Foster from a script written by series creator Charlie Brooker.


Now we understand that ArkAngel is set in a world where people can age up to 2000 years and parents are injecting their children with strange technological augmentations that make them easier to control.

Watch the unsettling trailer for ‘ArkAngel’ over.

Meanwhile, the first volume of the novel adaptation of the acclaimed dystopian series will be published in February 2018.

Charlie Brooker has selected the first three novelists who will contribute to the inaugural volume of the Black Mirror book, which is due for publication next year.


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Speaking about the new episodes earlier this year, Charlie Brooker said: “When writing [the episodes] I never think any of these things are going to come true, and then it seems like some of them do, which is a bit worrisome, generally.”