Watch a new ‘Twin Peaks’ trailer featuring the characters 25 years on

David Lynch's cult TV show returns this month

A new trailer for Twin Peaks season 3 has been released, which shows some of the show’s main characters 25 years on from the second series.

The cult TV show, which originally aired between 1990-91 and was created by David Lynch, will return after 16 years for its third season on May 21. Its two-hour, two-episode premiere will air on May 21 at the same time on Showtime in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

The latest trailer features characters such as Ed Hurley, Carl Rodd, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, Deputy Andy Brennan, Deputy Hawk and Laura Palmer’s mother, Sarah.


The clip shows shots of the characters over an ominous score. The only person to speak is Hawk, who says “Really.” Watch the trailer below, via Pitchfork.

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Earlier this week, another trailer was shared that showed a series of familiar locations from the original Twin Peaks episodes, including the sheriff’s department, the Double R Diner and Laura Palmer’s house. You can watch that trailer here.

Meanwhile, last month, it was announced that two episodes from the new season of Twin Peaks will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, which takes places between 18-28 May in southern France.