Watch Sesame Street’s brilliant ‘Stranger Things’ parody, ‘Sharing Things’

Welcome to the Snackside Down.

Sesame Street have taken on Stranger Things in their parody cleverly titled ‘Sharing Things’ which introduces kids to the Cookiegorgon and the Snackside Down.

The show has taken on other hit series’ such as Star Wars (known as Star S’Mores) and The Walking Dead (The Walking Gingerbread) all of which carry a strong moral lesson.

The parody of Stranger Things pretty much runs through all the events of season two so be wary if you’re not fully caught up yet.

Grover plays Lucas, Ernie plays Dustin and there’s even a special appearance from Barb covered in sweet wrappers.

Watch the incredible ‘Sharing Things’ below.

Recently, the Stranger Things soundtrack was released on special edition vinyl boxsets.

The hit series’ second instalment dropped on October 27 – featuring typically-lush synth soundscapes and 80s sparkle from composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Now, three vinyl editions of the soundtrack have been unveiled – allowing fans to re-enter the Upside Down.

“Hey everybody!” Wolfhard has since posted on Twitter. “I don’t wanna ex-communicate anyone from this fandom, but you are for real you will harass my friends, or my co-workers. Y’all know who you are.”