Watch Steve Martin make fart jokes with Selena Gomez on ‘Saturday Night Live’

He stars in a documentary sketch about the inventor of the whoopie cushion

Steve Martin made a surprise cameo during Selena Gomez‘s Saturday Night Live hosting debut last weekend (May 14).

Martin, who stars alongside Gomez in the TV series Only Murders In The Building, appeared in a documentary sketch about the inventor of the whoopie cushion, Archie Gizmo.

In the clip, the 15-time SNL host is seen playing Gizmo, detailing his days as a “struggling gag inventor” in the ’60s with a prototype of the cushion. “I knew it would be funny to have your boss sit down and a noise come from his butt, but I just couldn’t figure out what noise,” Martin says.


“I couldn’t crack it,” he continues, “then, I met her.” The sketch introduces Aidy Bryant as Dina Beans, Archie’s wife and muse. “It was that night he realised, the funniest noise to come out of a butt was a fart,” Gomez, portraying the documentary’s narrator, says. “He had a bonafide hit. And it didn’t stop there.”

Later, Gomez says in a monologue about Martin and their fellow Only Murders… co star Martin Short: “I was so honoured to work with Steve Martin and Martin Short, especially after I Googled them to find out who they were.

“I remember telling my friend I was cast in a show called Only Murders, and she said, ‘Sounds sexy. Any hot co-stars?’ And I was like, ‘Depends. Do you like the banjo?'”

Only Murders… follows Mabel (Gomez), Charles (Martin) and Oliver (Short) as they try to solve the murder of a tenant who resided in their New York apartment complex. The characters, all of whom are true crime obsessives, document their progress on a podcast.


The second season returns to Hulu on June 28 with guest stars Cara Delevingne and Amy Schumer.

Gomez also took a stab at impersonating her friend and fellow pop star Miley Cyrus during her debut turn as a SNL host – watch here.