Watch ‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun’s video for debut emo song ‘Antibodies’

"I really wanted him to get emo and kind of grunge with it"

Succession star Nicholas Braun (Cousin Greg) has dropped the video for his debut emo song ‘Antibodies (Do You Have The)’.

Braun has recorded the track to raise money for those “most at risk from” from the coronavirus pandemic – listen to it below.

Speaking about the track, Braun told Rolling Stone: “My friends are a couple and they’ve been together for years, but I was back there sort of being like, ‘Man, I wish I had somebody right now to go through this with’.


“And so this girl and I were talking and we were like, ‘Maybe we should go meet up and go for a walk – with bandanas on.’ So I went on this quarantine date; it sort of felt secret because I didn’t want my friends to know. And I guess the combination of paranoia and romance is what the song is about.”

Braun said he turned to his fans to interpret the track and he eventually got a call from Atlantic Records.

“Then this A&R from Atlantic Records reached out to me and said, ‘Hey, I know this song is kind of a joke, but I also kind of think that bridge and your second verse are really catchy.’ I talked to him and I was like, ‘Does it make sense to actually make this song right now?’” he added.

The actor then teamed up with producer Colin Brittain, who has previously worked with Papa Roach, Dashboard Confessional and 5 Seconds of Summer for the track.

Speaking about the video, he said: “That just felt like the character to me. Like a punk guy. I really wanted him to get emo and kind of grunge with it. I’ve never used that phrase before… ‘grunge with it.’ That’s good.”


Proceeds from the track will go to Cope and Partners in Health.

Meanwhile, fellow Succession star Jeremy Strong recently said Frank Ocean texted him about his viral rap from the HBO show, ‘L To The OG’.

Kendall Roy’s rap, taken from a series two highlight of the hit drama, was given an official release on all streaming services today (May 21).