Watch a supercut of every time Tom Hardy swears in ‘Peaky Blinders’

It's a lot of times

The YouTuber who released a supercut collecting all of Tom Hardy’s grunts from Taboo has now followed it up with a video splicing together all the times Hardy swears in Peaky Blinders.

Season four of Peaky Blinders is expected later in 2017 with Hardy having reportedly wrapped up filming for the series.

Ahead of the show’s return, watch this supercut beneath:


Meanwhile, a woman recently came forward claiming that it was actually her that chased and citizen arrested a moped thief not Tom Hardy.

Hardy made headlines after reportedly helping to capture a moped thief by chasing him through London before announcing “I caught the c**t”.

The Mad Max: Fury Road star is said to have chased the thief through gardens and across a building site in south west London, before he “switched into super hero mode” and captured him himself before checking him for weapons and asking to see ID.

However, Carly Holder, an engineer and a DJ, told the Daily Mail last month (April 29) that it was actually her that apprehended the thief. She claimed that she was not looking for recognition but wanted the actor to “admit it wasn’t him”.


“It was me who chased the boy and hauled him back to the scene. I’m not seeking plaudits, but I would like Hardy to admit it wasn’t him.” Holder said, “No one who was there saw Hardy. I made the arrest. The police spoke to me afterwards and thanked me for it.”

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Holder was at the scene having lunch with her partner in Richmond. She witnessed two teenagers on mopeds run a red light then smash into an Audi at the junction.

“One of the boys from the moped ran off down an alleyway. I didn’t stop to think, I just ran after him yelling, ‘Stop!'”. Holder pursued one of the teenagers for about 150 yards before catching him.

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Tom Hardy’s representation have yet to respond to Holder’s claims.