Watch the cast of ‘Scrubs’ reunite on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Turk and J.D. go up against the janitor once again

The cast of Scrubs reunited last night (June 13) to compete on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud – watch footage below.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison (who played J.D. and Turk on the show) were among the cast members appearing on Steve Harvey’s legendary game show, where they faced off against Neil Flynn, their on-screen Scrubs nemesis, who played the janitor on the show.

Alongside Braff and Faison on the team were the creators of the Scrubs-themed Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast, including editor Joelle Monique and sound engineer Daniel Goodman. Also on the team was Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence.


Watch footage from the TV reunion below.

Last year Braff reminisced about the show’s impact, saying that some of the jokes on Scrubs might not land in the same way today, calling it “way too un-PC”.

“Sometimes even at the time things would get censored because the creators were trying to push things as far as they could on network television,” he said.

The following month, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence requested that three episodes of the show be removed from streaming services due to their use of blackface.


Reflecting on the situation later, Lawrence said: “We almost thought that we had, in a bad way, a ‘free pass’ to not have those thoughts. Because we were so proud of ourselves for doing a very diverse show, in front and behind the camera.”

Braff shared his thoughts on the experience at the time, adding: “At the time I delineated in my mind between the traditional ‘blackface’. When we were doing this I never equated it. I was like, ‘Oh it’s a fantasy where I’m trying to be my best friend.'”

Braff also said last year that there could be a Scrubs movie in the pipeline, if series creator Bill Lawrence and Disney, who own the show via ABC, would be interested in the idea.