Watch the cast of ‘This Is England’ in new cancer campaign film

Shane Meadows recently hinted that the C4 drama may return

The cast of This Is England have joined forces for the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

Stephen Graham (Combo), Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), Andrew Shim (Milky) and Hannah Walters (Trudy) tool up with wooden bats and metal pipes to destroy a massive concrete structure spelling out “cancer”, in a short video which has been posted online. You can watch the clip below.

In a separate film, which you can also watch below, the cast explain why they got behind the campaign.

Turgoose said: “It felt good to actually be able to take out my rage and anger on cancer. My mum died from cancer after I finished filming This Is England and the rest of the cast became family.

“It felt right that I got to kick the shit out of cancer alongside the guys who supported me during my darkest days.”

“Cancer has taken too many people from me, my family and my friends,” Graham told Digital Spy. “Today, it finally felt that we could take some revenge.

“But we need to do so much more. Cancer won’t stop terrorising us until research beats it. And for that, we need more money to fund it.

“So I hope people who see this film will be inspired to Stand Up To Cancer and make the most of the greatest weapon we have – our scientists and researchers. Together we can do some serious damage.”

This Is England was released in 2006 and was followed up by a trio of spinoff TV series This Is England ’86 (2010), This Is England ’88 (2011) and This Is England ’90 (2015).

Stand Up To Cancer is a joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to accelerate new cancer treatments to UK patients and save more lives, more quickly.

Launched in 2012, Stand Up To Cancer’s fundraising total has so far reached over £25 million to fund clinical trials across the UK. For more information, visit

Meanwhile, This Is England writer-director Shane Meadows recently suggested that This Is England ’90 won’t necessarily mark the end of his Sheffield-based saga.