Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert, featuring Elbow covering The Beatles’ ‘Golden Slumbers’

Introducing Moz the Monster...

The John Lewis Christmas advert for 2017 has been released, and it sees Elbow offering their take on The Beatles to soundtrack the story of a monster hiding under a young child’s bed. Watch the ad and hear Elbow’s full cover of the track below.

The two-minute advert tells the story of Moz the Monster, who becomes unlikely friends with seven-year-old Joe after the youngster discovers him living under his bed.

In the clip, the pair are seen sharing games and playing Scalextrix together before the advert builds to a traditionally emotional ending.


Their journey is soundtracked to an Elbow cover of The Beatles’ ‘Golden Slumbers’, while the entire advert has been directed by Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind helmer Michel Gondry.

The advert made its debut online at 8AM this morning, and will first appear on TV tonight from 9.30PM on Channel 4 and Sky.

Fans of the advert will also able to take their very own Moz into their homes too, after John Lewis announced that the cuddly mascot will be sold in store for £20.

Describing their involvement, Elbow’s Guy Garvey said: “This project was such a pleasure. Michel Gondry and the song did all the work for us. We are really proud to be involved.”


In 2015, Norwegian rising star Aurora covered Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’ for the story of the Man in the Moon – before Liam Gallagher slammed brother Noel as ‘a sell out’ for allowing the track to be used.