Watch the new Dr. Who series trailer – video

Matt Smith taking on Hitler and company

The first trailer for the second part of the sixth season of Dr. Who has gone online, after premiering at Comic-Con, and you can watch it below.

Featuring monsters, scary dolls and Alex Kingston in an eye patch, the new series will also unleash the most evil thing to face The Doctor since Davros, Nazis.

After his critically acclaimed turn in Christopher and His Kind saw the actor fleeing from Nazi oppression, the new Doctor Who sees Matt Smith face to face with the head of the right-wing extremists.

The trailer suggests that in the episode entitled, Let’s Kill Hitler, the timelord inadvertently saves the life of the Fuhrer.

Ending with a face off between the spaceman and Dr. Who, which the spaceman wins, the trailer also shows eagle eyed viewers The Doctor‘s death date as 22/04/2011.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, with Egyptians, some smooching and some very bad TARDIS driving.

BBC America has announced a start date, but over here in Blighty nothing has been confirmed yet. All will be revealed on or before August 27.