Watch ‘The Simpsons’ open its 28th season with an ‘Adventure Time’-themed couch gag

Pendleton Ward's cult cartoon is the inspiration for the long-running show's special title sequence

The Simpsons have taken inspiration from cult cartoon Adventure Time for the opening credits of the first episode of its 28th season.

The 597th episode of the long-running cartoon will air on Fox in the US on Sunday (September 25) with a special couch gag that sees the Matt Groening-created yellow universe be drawn in the style of Adventure Time, the cult Cartoon Network show.

The couch gag for the episode – which will also be the first episode in Simpsons history to be an hour long – sees Bart take on the role of Adventure Time‘s protagonist Finn, while Homer stands in for Finn’s adopted dog brother, Jake. A number of other aspects from the Pendleton Ward-created series (and indeed its own title sequence) also crop up during the couch gag, including Mr. Burns being recast as the Ice King.

Watch the special couch gag below.

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