Watch Tom Hardy’s latest guest appearance reading a bedtime story for Mother’s Day on CBBC

The Taboo star drawls his way through 'There's A Bear In My Chair'

Last night saw Tom Hardy make another special guest appearance to read a children’s bedtime story for Mother’s Day on CBBC.

Having previously made guest appearances on the kids’ station for Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, the Taboo star returned to read the story ‘There’s A Bear In My Chair in his trademark drawl – “a story about an angry little mouse who is desperately trying to move a bear from his chair.”

“Hello, I’m Tom,” he said in the introduction. “Are you all sitting comfortably for tonight’s bedtime story? Well that’s good – because there’s a little mouse in tonight’s bedtime story who isn’t.”

Watch Tom Hardy’s bedtime story in full here, and see a teaser trailer below.

Meanwhile, after teasing an ‘explosive’ season two of Taboo, the BBC then officially confirmed that it would be returning to a second series in 2018.

“We are grateful and excited to continue our relationship with the BBC and FX in contributing towards British drama. Fantastic news,” said Hardy.

“We’re thrilled people want to know what happens next and that the BBC and FX are up for more adventures with the devil Delaney and the league of the damned,” added executive producer Ridley Scott.

Scott continued: “Along with our international distributors, Sonar Entertainment, the BBC and FX have been great partners, supporting Taboo at every stage so it could be the dark, dirty brute of a drama that it is.”

Amid some complaints that there was too much ‘mumbling’ in the first series, one fan made a super-cut of Tom Hardy grunting 73 times in Taboo in just 40 seconds.