Watch Tyra Banks refuse to join Piers Morgan in criticising the Kardashians

The model and entrepreneur appeared on 'Good Morning Britain' today (June 28)

Tyra Banks has called the Kardashians “a new type of talent” despite Piers Morgan trying to get her to criticise the reality TV stars.

The model and entrepreneur appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning (June 28) to promote a new campaign she is involved in with Richard Branson.

As the Mirror reports, Morgan said to Banks: “Women watching this want to be like you. They don’t want to be a Kardashian, they want to be you with brains.”

“You said that, I did not,” responded Banks. “They were your words not mine. I don’t want anyone putting those words into my mouth.

“They do [also have brains],” she continued. “Businesspeople. Doesn’t the success have to come from some kind of strategy, not just luck?”

“And some kind of talent?” questioned Morgan, to which Banks replied: “You stop”.

She also commented on the “demand” for the family. “You know, a lot of people get mad at the Kardashians but there really is a demand for them,” she said.

“I think there is a new type of talent that has emerged – a personal brand that’s not based on the arts. It’s more about just being a being.

“To be honest, I think that can be more relatable for people than someone who is in the arts.”