Watch an ‘ultra-realistic’ ‘Westworld’ humanoid freak people out at a London pub

The spooky social experiment clip is in promotion of the show's upcoming new season

Ahead of Westworld’s return later this month, an ‘ultra-realistic’ robot has been sent to a London pub to freak out its unsuspecting punters. Check out footage below.

The Sci-fi/Western hybrid returns for its second season on April 22. It will air at the same time in the US and UK on Sky Atlantic.

In promotion of the series, NOW TV built Fred the robot and planted him at a table in a London boozer. The ‘ultra-realistic’ humanoid created a sense of unease as it began speaking to confused customers.


“What are your thoughts on the impending humanoid robot invasion?” Fred asked one woman. Freaking out another, he said: “Humanoid robots are so much more useful than humans, don’t you think?” An unsettled pub-goer called the robot “spooky” after it began malfunctioning and repeating itself.

Once told about the social experiment, one man said he had “a really frightening, unnerving, spooky experience”.

The clip finishes with a brief look at show’s upcoming return.

There have been three trailers for the season 2 so far. A near-three-minute clip serves as the ‘official trailer’ and is soundtracked by a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’. The clip offers glimpses of ShogunWorld, the feudal Japan theme park.


From the trailer, it appears that chaos reigns over Westworld – but we get concrete assurances about who makes it through. Delores is seen in a pretty furious mood riding a horse, Bernard is alive and kicking, and Maeve takes a little look at the carnage she created. New worlds appear to be confirmed, and the revolution is in full swing.