Watch US ‘Big Brother’ contestants learn that Donald Trump won the election

House guests respond incredulously to the news that Trump managed to defeat Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

CBS has shared a clip showing the current crop of US Big Brother contestants reacting to news that Donald Trump has won the Presidential election.

Host Julie Chen tells the house guests before breaking the news: “It’s pretty safe to say you are the only six people in the country, maybe the entire world, who do not know who won.”

After hearing that Trump managed to defeat Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, one guest says: “What the fuck happened while we were in here?”


Another adds: “Gay people, where were you? Minorities, where were you? Can we just stay in here for the next four years?”

Watch the clip below.

Meanwhile, the world of music has largely responded in shock and horror to Trump’s victory in the election.

Lady Gaga even took to the streets outside Trump Tower in New York City in protest after it emerged that the billionaire businessman had defeated Hillary Clinton.

Robert De Niro has addressed previous comments he made about wanting to punch Trump in the face. “I can’t do that now. He’s the president and I have to respect that position,” he said during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s US chatshow.


Parks And Recreation favourite Leslie Knope has even written an open letter to Americans in a bid to help them better understand Trump’s victory.